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Raquel "Rocky" McLaughlin

Raquel with her Mother Martha

Raquel with her mother.

A Connecticut  Native, who holds a MBA in Health Care Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA. Raquel's mother instilled within her the importance of skin care at a very early age. Raquel later followed her lifelong passion and became a Licensed Esthetician. She is also certified in Eyelash Lifts and Tinting, and Makeup Artistry. She is also a PRO Makeup Artist with Maskara Cosmetics, as well as with Trish McEvoy. 

In 2007 Raquel launched “Adonia Prada, the Skinny”, a blog that focused on up-and-coming  fashion designers and makeup artists. Raquel has held positions as a  professional Fashion Stylist, Personal Shopper  and Makeup Artist with Nordstrom; Beauty  & Style Editor with the Ontario, Canada based Buyosphere, working closely  with Tara Hunt and Cassandra Girad; Fashion & Beauty Editor with Ladies  America‘s online magazine, Washington DC chapter, which is dedicated to helping women advance personally and professionally, and; Beauty Writer & Editor with Quail Bell Press and Productions. 

Fashion and Beauty Editorial Makeup Artist,

Raquel "Rocky"

With more than ten years experience in industry

Raquel is a makeup artist with extensive experience in the Fashion / Beauty industry.

Raquel specializes in editorial makeup and keeps track of all the latest trends and new directions of makeup. Сreates beauty stories for shootings, fashion stories and works for fashion brands, and ecommerce projects. Raquel creates images for advertising campaigns. With impecable taste and humor, Raquel is known to be a joy to work with on photoshoots 

Now Raquel is open to collaborate with production companies, editors in chief, beauty editors, film directors, producers and other